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Expand Your Network! Business Communities in the UAE Every Founder Should Know

Networking is one of the key tools of business. Every entrepreneur knows that it is good to have a lot of business contacts. Where can I find it?
We have already made a selection of business events where you can find useful contacts. Now we have prepared the list of UAE business communities where you can find your peers. We hope you will find it useful and that it will help you to expand your contacts.
The list is regularly updated. The last version is on 14.06.24

The Diplomat Business Club

Location: Dubai, London
Language: English
Who can join: CEOs and C-Level corporate leaders, senior professionals
The Diplomat Business Club is a global network that brings together diplomats, business leaders, and corporate executives through events and conferences in London, Dubai, Bahrain, etc. Club events attract royalty, government ministers, investors, entrepreneurs, and prominent members of society worldwide.

Emirates Business Club

Location: Abu Dhabi
Language: English, Hungarian
The Emirates Business Club was established with the mission of connecting European companies and businesses with the Emirates. It helps build profitable relationships both inside and outside the Club.
The club's membership includes VIP travel and business conferences in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, an exclusive referral-based club system. You get premium business management and training, events in prestigious locations, financial benefits, and other networking opportunities.

The Ambassadors Club

Location: Dubai
Language: English
Who can join: entrepreneurs, finance experts, government and diplomatic officials, business councils, artists, and athletes.
The Ambassadors Club, launched during Expo 2020 in Dubai, is an exclusive business and lifestyle club. It combines luxury living with networking opportunities for entrepreneurs. The club founded by H.H. Count of Wurmbrand-Stuppach. It promotes international exchange while upholding values and aspirations regardless of gender, background, or religion.
There are several membership options. You can find the cost here.

Capital Club Dubai

Location: Dubai
Language: English
Capital Club Dubai represents a forward-thinking global association of business visionaries and innovators. This initiative serves as a hub that empowers the united business community, forging links between the private and public sectors to foster a more prosperous economic landscape that benefits all stakeholders.

Emirates World Club

Location: Dubai
Language: English
Emirates World Club offers a wide range of world-class services for residents, families and businesses in Dubai. It is renowned for its bespoke lifestyle management facilities. It's a great option for travelers with unique packages and diverse offerings such as dining, events, beauty services and more.


Location: Dubai
Language: English
CLUB 500 is the private international business community for entrepreneurs and senior executives with annual revenues above $1,300,000. The funds raised have enabled the launch of more than 100 start-ups, 70% of which have broken even. CLUB 500 organizes more than 260 events annually, including business functions, leisure activities, and networking opportunities designed to enhance members' knowledge, skills, and international business relationships.


Location: Dubai
Language: English
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Serbia Business Club was founded in November 2019 by the Embassy of the UAE in Serbia and several leading companies from both countries.
It's a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization that helps promote economic cooperation between the UAE and Serbia. The club aims to create a strong business community where members work together to find better solutions and stay open to new opportunities.