All-in-one platform for business setup, visas and everyday legal
Transparent pricing
Online tracking
What is movingo platform?
All jurisdictions & visa types are in one place with clear prices and precise timelines. Our platform is powered by immense database and  professional legal consultants are proofreading every update. You select the best option and we generate the detailed commercial proposal for you.
Once you make your informed decision, you can access your personal account where you can upload the documents and then…just track the updates. Your peace of mind is Movingo’s priority.
Our team is with you on every step of the way. If you have any doubts or questions, your personal legal consultant is one message away.
transparent prices
quality solutions
precise timelines
online tracking
professional legal consultants
perfect match
real-time updates
The change we make
Flexible pricing
Time saving
We don’t do ”free” consultations widely used as sales tools — all the prices are anyway available on the Movingo Platform. If you purchase any of our in-depth consultations and then go for the service, we deduct the consultation amount from the overall project cost.
Time is the most valuable resource, that’s why you can find full information about UAE visas and jurisdictions in one place without spending hours on Google.
Expert consulting
Our team consists of professional relocation, legal & tax consultants with 4+ years of experience in the region. Every consultation is a separate project after which you receive the written opinion and solutions for your case.
Video consultations
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Start your new life in the UAE!
With Movingo starting anew is a personalized experience tailored to make relocation smooth and exciting.
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movingo services for business
Tax advise & Tax registration
As per Federal Decree-Law No. (8) of 2017 on Value Added Tax all UAE companies are subject to VAT on certain conditions & as per Federal Decree-Law No. 47 of#nbsp2022 on the Taxation of Corporations and#nbspBusinesses ALL companies must register for Corporate Tax.
Our FTA & IFRS certified accountants will make sure your company’s books are in order.
Accounting & Audit
*As per Federal Law No. (2) of 2015 AD On#nbspCommercial Companies every company in the UAE must keep their books according to IFRS standards.
Our FTA & IFRS certified accountants will make sure your company’s books are in order.
ovingo services for business
Anastasia Davydova
Co-Founder & CEO
I’m calling myself “paperwork champion”: I always collect all the issues no one faced before. We want you guys to be champions in something really meaningful: that’s why we’ve created “M:R”.
Stefanie Schmidt
I do like turning complex things into straightforward, clear and user-friendly systems. That's my mission at M:R.
Co-Founder & CTO
Any questions? Contact us, it's free and effective!

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Movingo © 2023
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Movingo © 2023
Technohub 1, Dubai Silicon Oasis, UAE
Service License #11161