uae law about employees mental health, outdoor seating permit, new free zone for crypto and more #Newsletter#1 1.11.23
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This month we join the campaign launched by the MoHRE and ICP to raise awareness about entry and residency laws, as well as the labour law.
This campaign began on 10, October and will run for three months.

In the UAE, it's a legal must for employers to keep the workplace safe and sound.

It means that according to Article 44(7) of Employment Law the employer must “put on their detective hats” and investigate all the cases at work if any of the employees have filed an official complaint.

The three violations highlighted in the law are abuse of power, insult or harassment in any form. Employers have the right to dismiss the violators without notice. Employees, on the other hand, have the same right to leave their job without notice and receive full benefits if they face assault, violence, or harassment from their employer or their legal representative. To claim this right, employees must report such incidents to the relevant authorities and the Ministry within a period of five working days.

We hope you’ll never have to act according to the letter of this law but it’s important to know your rights and keep the working environment healthy at all costs.

With the weather finally getting better, restaurants and cafes are allowed to offer outdoor seating but must follow specific rules

Short to-do list:
  • plan the layout and design of your indoor terrace, considering factors like seating capacity, decor, and any necessary safety features;
  • ensure the terrace aligns with your restaurant's theme and style;
  • ensure your indoor terrace adheres to health and safety regulations, such as fire safety measures, accessibility for people with disabilities, and proper ventilation;
  • update your restaurant's trade license to include the indoor terrace as part of your premises delegate this task to us;
  • If alcohol will be served on the terrace, obtain the necessary alcohol license from the appropriate authority;
  • submit the architectural and engineering plans to the relevant authorities for approval. For Dubai this typically includes the Dubai Municipality and the DTCM, for Abu Dhabi - TAMM platform.
Violators could face fines up to Dh 5,000.

The UAE is doing well to avoid landing on the FATF "grey" list. The FATF will visit the UAE until February 2024

The country has shown progress, especially in improving the way it investigates money laundering, enforcing penalties when financial institutions don't comply with regulations, and increasing the number of prosecutions.

The "Oasis of Digital Assets RAK" (RAK DAO) in Ras Al Khaimah is now operational and supports companies in digital assets, Web3, and AI

It focuses on service providers in digital and virtual assets, including Metaverses, blockchain, NFTs, and more.
RAK DAO, with its ecosystem partners, offers consulting, workspace access, incubators, accelerators, grants and support in tech, marketing, and business development to these companies.